2019, the year to be Fearless!

Fear, it is a paralyzing emotion.  It can stop you in your tracks, it can prevent you from moving forward, it can control your every move!  Why do we let fear control us this much?  Why do we doubt ourselves?  I struggle with fear today.

2019 is the year for me to be Fearless!  I often let fear control me, prevent me from achieving my greatest potential.  But I cannot let fear control my actions… control my life…control my direction.  I must start challenging myself again and not hide in my house.  God gave us all special gifts…I need to use my gifts!

I came across a Facebook message a few years ago.  I saved it in my phone and I read it often: The phrase “do not be afraid” is written in the bible 365 times…it is a daily reminder from God to be Fearless every day! We all need the daily reminder to let go of fear.  We will never accomplish anything great if we let fear hold us back!

I created a list of “I will’s” for this year:

  • I will have faith
  • I will hope for better days/opportunities/doors opening
  • I will leave my mistakes in the past
  • I will leave my past there
  • I will surrender what is out of my control
  • I will take a chance
  • I will allow my dreams to take shape
  • I will not hide
  • I will tell my story
  • I will live the life I was destined to live
  • I will use my gifts
  • I will challenge myself
  • I will not be afraid of making the same mistakes twice
  • I will give myself a chance to fly
  • I will shine bright!

So, while I go for it, you should also!  What is your list of “I will’s” for 2019?

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