Healthy Alternatives for Responding to Stress

We all feel stress.  Stress does not always come from a job, it can come from anything… relationships or managing the house or managing a business or children.  Stress is not good for our bodies.  Often when we feel stress we turn to unhealthy options to help us cope with the stress.  We may feel these unhealthy options will help us, but ultimately, they may do more damage.  You may be asking yourself what healthy options are available to help you cope with stress?  Below are some healthy options to consider when responding to stress


Exercise releases endorphins.  Endorphins are often referred to as the brain’s “feel good” chemical.  Not only does exercise release endorphins, but it is also good for your physical health.  This does not mean you have to join a gym and engage in strenuous activity.  All you need is at least 30 minutes a day!  Walk around your neighborhood or on the treadmill or ride a bike.  Just move and do something.


When faced with a stressful situation take a moment to relax your mind and breath before reacting.  This will help you to clear your thoughts and prepare yourself for how you are going to respond to the stress.  Bring yourself back to a calm state!

Change your perspective

There are some things you cannot control.  I will say that again, there are some things you cannot control.  You must let go of what is out of your control.  One thing we all can control is how we let a stressful situation affect us, and how we respond to the stress.  Instead of focusing on the negative, focus on the positive.  Find the unseen benefit!


If you do not have a journal buy one today.  In this journal write your thoughts and concerns.  You can also use the journal to list your tasks, i.e. what needs to be completed.  Keep the journal close to you so you can write in it anytime a thought comes to your mind.  Stay organized!

Let it out

Find your support group.  Whether it is your family or spouse or friend or therapist.  Talk with someone about how you are feeling and what is the source of your stress.  We are not meant to deal with our problems alone.  You are not alone!


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