Coaching Services

Jill is a trained and certified Professional and Life Coach. She is also an attorney and mediator and mother and wife and author and cancer survivor. Jill is Board Certified by the Florida Bar in Marital and Family Law and a Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Mediator and trained in Collaborative Divorce. She uses her skills and training as a Professional and Life Coach, and her personal and professional experience as a family law attorney and mediator, to coach clients to achieve goals and accomplish work-life balance and discover new beginnings in transitional times.

After thirteen years of practice as a litigation family law attorney, Jill chose a new career as a Professional and Life Coach. During her years in the legal field, Jill experienced first-hand the challenges attorneys face with work-life balance, managing a law practice and clients, and the daily stressors. In fact, over three years ago, Jill was diagnosed with cancer. The cancer was caused from the environment, i.e., stress and poor diet and exercise and not prioritizing her own health. Through her cancer journey, Jill discovered a new perspective and outlook on life and her own career and her relationships with others. During her cancer journey, she experienced first-hand the challenges many face during a transitional time. She hopes to impart her knowledge and experience and training to help others. Her goal and desire are to make a difference in the lives of others and to inspire and motivate others to make necessary changes.

Jill is trained as a Professional and Life Coach to work with attorneys and other legal professionals, especially family law professionals, with accomplishing and achieving professional and personal goals, and discovering work-life balance, and overcoming obstacles, and dealing with daily stressors. She is also trained to work with individuals experiencing a divorce or career change or illness or some other life changing event to discover new beginnings or new paths or discover life satisfaction. Professional and Life Coaching is not therapy or counseling or psychoanalysis. Jill is not a therapist or counselor or consultant or psychotherapist or financial analyst.

Jill offers a complimentary initial coaching session. If you are interested in learning more about her Professional and Life Coaching, please contact Jill at 813-493-4412 or