Good day and bad days from the perspective of a breast cancer survivor!   Before my cancer I did not understand the difference between good days and bad days.  I thought having a good day meant things were going your way, and bad days are when they are not.  A bad day could happen when your hair is not cooperating, or you lost your car keys or clothes don’t fit. But I was mistaken… that is not a bad day!  I did not appreciate what a good day and bad day meant until after I experienced chemotherapy.

When I was receiving chemotherapy, the bad days were awful.  I felt tired and nausea and had no energy.  My face looked pale and all I wanted to do was sleep.  My body ached and sometimes I could barely walk from the bone soreness (caused from the chemotherapy treatment and medicines).  Even during my bad days, I would remind myself that these feelings were only temporary.  That one day soon, I would feel better.  A good day would come my way.  I just had to have patience and hope. 

I was right! The good days came, and they were beautiful.  I remember how I felt when the good days arrived. I would walk down the street and look at the sky and breath in the air and watch the birds fly.  It was amazing.  After having experienced the bad days, I cherished the good days so much more.  I do not take them for granted. The good days are much better now after having gone through the bad days.

There is a lesson to be learned with every experience and situation.  So, what have I learned?  You are going to have bad days.  They may be dark and awful and sad.  But the bad days are only temporary, and they will pass.  Look forward to the good days.  When the good days arrive, don’t take them for granted. Enjoy the small moments.  Be grateful for the good days! 

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